Math Man – Integers on the Number Line

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About this Integer Game

“Math Man – Integers on the Number Line” is an educational game that provides an interactive way for players to practice identifying and working with integers on a number line. The game mechanics are similar to the classic arcade game, but with an educational twist. Players control Math Man and navigate through a maze to eat ghosts. Each ghost represents an integer, and the player must eat the ghost that corresponds to an integer shown on a number line.

The objective is to move Math Man to the correct ghost that matches the integer indicated on the number line. This educational twist on the classic arcade game not only makes learning math concepts enjoyable but also helps in reinforcing the understanding of integers and their positions on the number line.

The game includes helpful tools such as the spacebar, which can scatter the ghosts and give players strategic advantages. Special items can be collected to freeze the ghosts temporarily, aiding players in completing the level. “Math Man – Integers on the Number Line” is an engaging game for learning and practicing the concept of integers in a fun and interactive way.

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