Math Man – Identity Fractions on a Number Line

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About this game

“Math Man – Identify Fractions on a Number Line” is an educational game designed to help players understand and work with fractions on a number line. In this game, players control Math Man, a character inspired by the classic arcade icon Pac-Man, navigating through a maze filled with ghosts. The twist is that each ghost has a fraction displayed on it, and the player must eat the ghost that corresponds to a fraction indicated by a position on a number line.

The game provides an interactive way to reinforce the concept of fractions and their placement on a number line. As players move Math Man around the maze, they must determine which fraction is represented by a yellow dot on the number line and then find and consume the ghost that matches this fraction. It serves as a fun and engaging tool for teaching mathematical concepts, offering practice in identifying and matching fractions with their visual representations on the number line.

Additionally, the game includes features to enhance the learning experience. The spacebar can be used to scatter the ghosts, giving the player strategic options to avoid being caught while searching for the correct fraction. Eating special items can temporarily freeze the ghosts, providing a moment of respite. “Math Man – Identify Fractions on a Number Line” combines the thrill of an arcade game with educational value, making learning about fractions enjoyable and memorable.

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