Perim Bots

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About Perim Bots Game

Perim Bots is a unique and exciting online game that challenges players to build their own robots by collecting different parts. The game features six parts that players must collect: Right Leg, Left Leg, Right Arm, Left Arm, Head, and Body. To collect a specific part, players must click on its name and answer a geometry-related question correctly. Only then will they be able to obtain the part and continue building their robot.

The geometry-related questions in Perim Bots are designed to be educational and challenging. They require players to use their knowledge of geometry to solve problems and answer questions accurately. By doing so, players can not only build their robots but also improve their understanding of geometry concepts, such as angles, shapes, and measurements.

By combining gameplay and education, Perim Bots offers a unique and engaging learning experience for players of all ages. It encourages players to think critically, develop problem-solving skills, and improve their understanding of geometry concepts, all while having fun building their own robots. So, if you’re looking for an online game that is both entertaining and educational, give Perim Bots a try and see how well you can build your own robot!

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