The Mental Math – Fridge Magnet Game

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Playing Online The Mental Math

In this game, you need to use the Fridge Magnet to complete the sums. Click the Next Button and choose a Level for you. Level A is to make the Answer. Level B is to make the question. You can play this game against the clock or without the clock.

The Mental Math – Fridge Magnet Game is a fun and interactive game designed to help children improve their mental math skills. The game consists of a set of colorful magnetic tiles with numbers and mathematical symbols printed on them. The idea is for children to use these tiles to create equations that add up to a target number displayed on the game board. Children must use their mental math skills to quickly add and subtract the numbers on the tiles to arrive at the target number. This game helps children to develop their number sense, as well as their ability to mentally manipulate numbers and perform mental calculations. It is also a great way to make math practice more enjoyable and engaging for children.

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