Coordinates Set 5

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About the Level 5 or Coordinates Set

The 5th version level of the Coordinates Set is for kids who need to practice coordinate maths.

Coordinates Set is an online game that challenges players to practice their knowledge of Cartesian coordinates. The game presents a series of challenges in which the player must identify the location of various objects on a coordinate plane. The challenges start off easy and gradually become more difficult as the player progresses through the game.

The game is a great way to help students develop their spatial reasoning skills and their ability to read and interpret graphs. By practicing with the game, players can develop a better understanding of the Cartesian coordinate system and how it can be used to represent and analyze data. Additionally, the game is designed to be both fun and engaging, which can help motivate students to continue practicing and improving their math skills.

If you haven’t played the earlier levels, you can start from Coordinates Set 1.

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