Monkey Drive – Greatest of Least – Number to 10

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About the Game

“Monkey Drive – Greatest or Least – Number to 10” is an educational game designed to teach young learners the concepts of comparing and identifying the greatest or least numbers within a set. In this interactive game, players are instructed to drive a car labeled with either ‘greatest’ or ‘least’ into the barrel that has the correct number matching the label on the car.

The gameplay involves rows of barrels, each marked with a different number up to 10. If the car is labeled ‘greatest,’ players must identify the barrel with the highest number in that row and drive the car into it. Conversely, if the car is labeled ‘least,’ the objective is to find the barrel with the smallest number. This helps children understand numerical order and reinforces their number recognition skills up to 10.

“Monkey Drive – Greatest or Least – Number to 10” combines fun and learning by integrating playful visuals and interactive gameplay to make the process of learning numbers and comparison engaging for children. It provides a hands-on approach to practicing number recognition and understanding the concept of numerical value.

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