Speed Grid Challenge – Addition

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About this game

You can call this version the easy level. This is because it has easier addition questions that kids can easily answer. This is a good start to help kids practice addition.

Speed Grid Challenge – Addition is a mental math game that helps children develop their addition skills. The game consists of a grid of numbers. The objective is to find the sum of two or more numbers that add up to the target number shown at the top of the grid. The target number changes every few seconds, and players must quickly find the correct combination of numbers before the target number changes again.

The game is timed, and players must find as many correct answers as possible within a set time limit. The game gets progressively more difficult as players advance to higher levels, with larger target numbers and more numbers in the grid. The game is a fun and engaging way for children to practice addition and develop their mental math skills. It also helps improve their speed and accuracy in performing math calculations.

Once they start answering well and score well, you can make them attempt Version 2 and Version 3.

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