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It’s a video that explains to kids about Ratio. If you want to understand Ratio properly, you must watch this short video that will certainly help you in your ratio math. You should also learn Ration from this activity.

Ratio is a mathematical concept that relates to the comparison of two or more quantities of the same type. It expresses the relationship between the quantities, such as the ratio of boys to girls in a classroom, or the ratio of apples to oranges in a basket. Ratios can be represented in different forms, such as a fraction, a decimal, or as a colon.

To understand ratios, it is important to understand the concept of equivalent ratios, which are ratios that have the same value. Equivalent ratios can be obtained by multiplying or dividing both sides of the ratio by the same number.

Ratios can be used in a variety of mathematical and real-world contexts. For example, in geometry, ratios can be used to calculate the length of sides of similar triangles. In finance, ratios are used to evaluate the performance of companies or investments. In cooking, ratios can be used to determine the correct proportions of ingredients in a recipe.

To learn ratio, it is important to understand the basic concepts and relationships involved, and to practice solving problems using different types of ratios.

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