The Mental Maths Conveyor Belt

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About this Subtraction Game

Choose to play as a multiple-choice answer or type the answer. You will get items on the belt with a question. You need to read the question properly and answer it. The wrong answer will give you the option to try again. If you are looking for the Addition version, play it here.

The Mental Maths Conveyor Belt is an online game that helps children improve their mental maths skills. The game consists of a conveyor belt with numbers on it and a chute with an answer box. The player has to click on the numbers on the conveyor belt in the correct order to make an addition or subtraction sum. The sum is then displayed in the answer box. The aim is to complete as many sums as possible in the given time.

This game is a fun and engaging way to help children improve their mental maths skills. It helps them to develop their number recognition, addition and subtraction skills and improve their speed and accuracy. The game also helps children to develop their concentration and focus, as they have to quickly identify the numbers and perform the calculation. The Mental Maths Conveyor Belt is a great tool for teachers and parents to use to help children develop their mental maths skills and is suitable for children of all ages.

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