Math Man – Pace Value Expanded Version

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About this Expanded Version of Place Value Game

Math Man – Place Value – Expanded Version is a more complex version of the Place Value game, offering an additional layer of challenge for those looking to deepen their understanding of place values. The game shares the same Pac-Man-inspired mechanics but introduces expanded notation problems, requiring players to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of place values.

In this game, the player guides Math Man through the maze, consuming only the monsters that represent the correct expanded form of a given number. This requires careful calculation and decision-making, as the player must determine the correct expanded form and quickly navigate Math Man towards the corresponding monster.

Math Man – Place Value – Expanded Version offers an exciting and effective way to learn about place values and expanded notation. The game’s increasing complexity ensures that players continually challenge themselves, promoting significant improvement in their understanding of these mathematical concepts. It’s a fantastic tool for making math learning a more engaging and entertaining experience.

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