Number Bond Machines

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Playing Number Bond Machines Game

You can set a maximum of 9999999 numbers to practice addition. Of playing the predefined modes that have Number bonds to 5, 10, and 100.

The question will show 1 number and you need to type another number to get the answer. After typing the number, click on the Check button. Whether the answer is wrong or right will appear on the screen. Try other addition games as well.

Number Bond Machines are a great way to practice addition and get a better understanding of the relationship between numbers. The machine is a grid with two numbers at the top and left of the grid. The aim is to find the total of the two numbers, which is the missing number in the grid.

Number Bond Machines can be used to practice the addition of numbers up to 9999999. They are a fun and interactive way to help students develop their math skills and build their confidence in adding larger numbers.

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