Sum Sense – Single Digits Addition

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About Sum Sense Addition

Drag and Drop number cards to the empty cards places. The objective is to fill the empty places with the correct card numbers. You must use all the numbers available and don’t leave any there. Once done, click on Next to check the answer.

Sum Sense is an online math game designed for children to practice single-digit addition. The game features a grid of numbers with various operators (plus and minus) scattered throughout. The objective of the game is to select numbers that add up to a specific target number.

Players are given a set amount of time to solve each problem and earn points for each correct answer. As the game progresses, the difficulty level increases with more numbers and operators added to the grid.

Sum Sense is an engaging way for children to practice addition and develop their mental math skills. It is suitable for early learners, as well as those who need to refresh their addition skills. The game can be played for free online and is a fun way to reinforce basic math concepts.

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