Introduction to Decimals

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About Decimals Activity

Learning Decimals could be a little hard if it is not taught properly. How about you learn it yourself with the help of this interactive tool?

Decimals are an essential part of our number system, used to represent fractional parts of whole numbers. They are a way to represent numbers that fall between two whole numbers, enabling us to express quantities with greater precision. The decimal system is based on the power of ten, with each decimal place representing a power of ten, and allows for easy conversion between different units of measurement.

Decimals are written using a decimal point, which separates the whole number from the fractional part. For example, the number 3.14 represents 3 whole units and 14 hundredths, while the number 0.5 represents half of one unit. The decimal point is used to indicate the position of the decimal place, with the digit to the left of the decimal point representing the units, the digit to the right representing tenths, and subsequent digits representing hundredths, thousandths, and so on. This system allows us to represent fractions and quantities that fall between whole numbers with greater accuracy and precision.

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