Math Man – Add and Subtract Fractions

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“Math Man – Add and Subtract Fractions” is an interactive educational game designed to reinforce the concepts of adding and subtracting fractions. Players guide Math Man through a maze, using the arrow keys to eat ghosts. Each ghost is marked with a fraction, and the player’s objective is to consume the ghost that displays the result of an addition or subtraction fraction problem presented in the game.

This game provides an engaging way for learners to practice and solidify their understanding of fraction operations. It requires players to quickly calculate the sums or differences of fractions and identify the ghost that represents the correct answer to progress through the levels.

The inclusion of a spacebar feature to scatter the ghosts adds an additional strategic element to the game, allowing players to temporarily evade ghosts while they calculate the correct answer. This feature is limited, which encourages thoughtful gameplay. “Math Man – Add and Subtract Fractions” combines educational content with an arcade-style format, offering a fun and interactive method for players to improve their math skills in fractions.

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