Algebra vs The Cockroaches (Karappan Poochi)

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About this Algebra vs Cockroaches Game

“Algebra vs The Cockroaches” is a coordinate game that offers an entertaining way to improve your mathematical and problem-solving skills. At the beginning of the game, you can enter your name to personalize the experience. The objective is to eliminate the cockroaches by correctly identifying their movements on the graph and solving the associated mathematical problems. You can use various weapons such as rockets, sprayers, laser guns, and even a shoe to kill the cockroaches.

The game provides a graph where the cockroaches move, and you need to identify the correct coordinates to answer the mathematical questions accurately. The game’s multiple levels increase in difficulty, providing increasingly complex mathematical problems to solve. Algebra vs The Cockroaches offers a fun way for students to practice their math skills and develop their problem-solving abilities. By playing this game, students can develop their analytical and logical thinking skills and gain a better understanding of mathematical concepts.

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