Typing Rocket

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In Typing Rocket, the game controls are simple and intuitive. On desktop, players use their keyboard to type the letters on the rocket to make them explode. For touchscreen devices, an on-screen keyboard is provided at the bottom of the screen. However, the keyboard is quite tiny, making it easy to click the wrong letters, particularly if you have larger hands. This also makes the remaining viewable portion of the screen smaller than on desktop, which gives players less time to type in the correct answer before the rocket moves offscreen.

The game is based on a simple concept – typing the letters on rockets before they disappear. Each rocket has a letter on it, and players are given one minute to type as many correct letters as they can. Your score is shown in the upper left corner of the game, and the upper right corner of the game shows your remaining time and offers a pause button. A perfect score is above 60.

The game starts off with only a single slow-moving rocket, but as the game progresses, the number of rockets appearing at a time increases, with nearly a dozen rockets appearing at the end of the game. Rockets move in varying speeds, and players generally want to type the letters on the rockets which move faster first. They can type the letters on the rockets in any order. Letters are not case sensitive.

If players get an incorrect answer, the game makes a sound, but it does not subtract any points from their score. At the end of the game, the game shows how many correct answers and misses the player got.

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